About Grow or Leaf Marketing

Grow or Leaf Marketing is a digital marketing agency that works exclusively
with Tree service, Landscaping, and Irrigation companies.

Why is that important?

We focus on these industries because we know what works! And we have proven it time and time again with our clients' results. We would love to help every industry, but by doing that we wouldn't be able to dive deep in the nuances of each specific industry and we wouldn't be able to have the expertise we need to help businesses at the highest level.

Grow or Leaf Story

We started our digital marketing journey in 2020 with our parent company Media Minds DMA. Our founder Andres Abad was tired of dealing with freelancers and agencies who did not prioritize his goals have the vision of building a reliable, efficient, energetic team to help with the marketing needs of his own businesses. As time went on and the results became very noticeable, many successful business owners in his network starting asking for help with their own digital marketing needs. After helping many industries we realized that we had the best results with Tree service, Landscaping, and Irrigation companies. So he decided to create a specific division to help these businesses exclusively. The rest is history! We are now solely focused on helping 100 of these companies get to 1 million or more in annual revenue as the vehicle to help those same business owners achieve their ultimate goal, whether it is to spend more time with their families, financial freedom, or whatever the real end goal is! We hope you consider us to start helping you and your business as well!

Rest assured, YOU are in GOOD HANDS!

While you’ll likely only be in contact with one or two of us, we have a growing team of digital marketing specialists dedicated to the Grow or Leaf Marketing industry. This is important because every industry has unique variations of “what works” when it comes to online marketing. We take the guesswork out of that equation and focus on what works.


Andrew Abad, Founder and CEO

Andrew is your first contact when you engage with us. After filling out a Get Started Form, he’ll guide you through an informative strategy call where you’ll learn your biggest growth opportunities and identify how we can best serve you and your business.

Alongside sales and marketing, Andrew spends a lot of time being mentored, coached, and learning from the top, elite marketing companies in the USA. This ensures we are continually improving our client results and experience!

He also will be hosting a Podcast related to this exact industry with the goal to share information and key success stories that will empower and motivate business owners in your field to get to the next level. When it comes to growing and marketing your Tree service, Landscaping, or Irrigation business, he is your trusted resource!

Lynnie Necosia, Ops Manager

Lynnie started with us as a web developer and quickly revealed her skills to guide and direct our team so that all the moving parts of our services are performed efficiently and to the highest level. She is responsible for our internal systems, processes, and training so that all of our clients receive an amazing service.

Sara Ann, Client Success Specialist

Sara is our customer service rock star! She works one-on-one with our incoming clients throughout their on-boarding process to ensure all their needs are met. Sara makes sure each client is 100% satisfied before moving forward with each stage of your project.

Jennifer Abad, Human Resources

Jen is a vital part of the Grow or Leaf team, her primary focus is talent recruitment, talent retention, team relations and activities,as well as training and development.

Nathan Cribbs, Accounts Manager

Nathan is in charge of reviewing client accounts continuously to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks and that all accounts are optimized and moving through our process according to our operating standards, as well as making sure that you are SATISFIED with our ongoing services.

Reen, Web Developer and Automations Expert

Reen is our go to person when it comes to developing fast, optimized, and device responsive sites or landing pages. As well as all of the automations and integrations that we offer with them. As well as working behind the scenes on a variety of projects within our company.

Valerie & Ril, Design Team

Valerie & Ril are our senior designers, they focus on creating the beautiful designs you see on our websites, landing pages, custom banners, business flyers, you name it! If it has a great design, they are responsible for it!

Paulo & John, Video Editing Team

Paulo & John are our skilled editors that turn all of your assets and raw footage into engaging long and short form content that we distribute across your social channels in order to bring your organic ROI through the roof with video content.

Jomel, Keanar, & Melissa, Social Media Managers Team

Jomel, Keanar, and Mellisa handle all of our social media management. They make sure that your content is relevant and that it positions your company as the industry leading authority, which helps your business attract more engaged customers.

Let’s Talk!

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